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Improve your golf game with our Golf Ball, eBook and Video Reviews

Golf is the most wonderful game in the world, but it can be complicated when you’re trying to choose what equipment to buy, what to wear, where to play, how to learn the game, how much to spend, and so on.

You don’t want to make the wrong decisions and end up hurting your game for years !

That’s why KenBlackGolf.com is here. We provide helpful golf ball reviews, golf video reviews and golf ebook reviews on the best golf balls, books, golf instructional videos, golf clubs, and much more, to save you time and money in your search for the best fitting products for your particular game.

Golf Ball Reviews

Find out what golf balls you should be using and why.  These golf ball ratings will save you time trying to figure out the best equipment for your game.

Golf eBook Reviews

Find out about helpful golf ebooks that you can download right away to your PC.  Find out the secrets to lowering your scores today.

Golf Video Reviews

Here are outstanding videos that will show you how to play golf well and improve your short game and long game.  It’s like having a PGA Pro right in your house to teach you!

Who is Ken Black anyway ?

It wouldn’t do you much good if the information you were getting was biased, or from someone who knew nothing about the game of golf, or if it was just based on someone else’s opinions.

The reviews you’ll find here have been conducted by Ken Black, a 52 year old very experienced golfer (started golf when he was 12), with many Club Championship and other tournament victories, has diplomas in Custom Clubmaking and Design, and who owned a golf Club Manufacturing business in the past.

Ken will take you by the hand at this site and guide you to making excellent buying decisions to improve your golf game.

Be sure to visit our Blog for the latest News in the golf industry and other very entertaining tidbits.Improve Your Golf Game

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Golf Ball Reviews

Golf eBook Reviews

Golf Video Reviews

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